Who We Are

People’s Foundation is a social service enterprise that works with the aim of a creative change in society.Its mission is to play an effiecient part in social progress keeping God’s appeasement and humanistic values in mind. Individual social problems and stalemates does not need a temporary solution. People’s foundation aims for a permanent development by equipping individuals and society to use their talents and oppurtunities for the same. Resources must be available for the backward individuals and social groups of different areas in the society in a manner that it helps in a permanent change and transformation.

People’s foundation makes arrangements to make the maximum use of all the talents of every section in the society for the nation’s progress. People’s foundations way of operation is such that it fastens ans individual’s social, spiritual and cultural developments. It strives to take Kerala’s social service activities into a new direction that is more effective.

Our Mission

Promote professional social work by chalking out need-based, result-oriented research-driven programs updating technology, with goal-centered administration, beneficiary- friendly approach, partnering with social work organizations and community itself mobilizing a pool of morally committed human resources

Our Vision

Standardization of social welfare programs with development- centered social work policy, augmenting resources, creative methodology and sustainable projects for enhancing the quality of individuals and society.