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Peoples Foundation launches 300-bed oxygen support

Kozhikode:  As Kerala too is witnessing severe and intense second wave of Covid -19 pandemic and our state is moving towards a situation where the lives of the people are in crisis with inadequate and limited medical facilities, Peoples Foundation the leading NGO has joined hands with three hospitals in major cities of Kerala to set up 300-bed Covid facilities. The increasing number of patients and deaths per day is causing more concern among the people. At the same time, the cost of Covid treatment is beyond the reach of the average person. It is encouraging to note that the health workers, voluntary organizations, various associations, clubs and political parties at the local level in the state are all actively involved in the Covid-19 epidemic prevention activities.  By now it has been ascertained that the second wave of the COVID-19 crisis in India has been unprecedented and particularly damaging accompanied by a stronger mutated variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus which is said to be-- airborne, highly potent and a super-spreader.   The People's Foundation has decided to prepare 300 beds for the treatment of Covid patients in this situation where the number of patients is increasing exponentially. It intends to set up medical facilities in collaboration with Shanti Hospital Omassery in Calicut, Perumpilavu Ansar Hospital in Trissur and Harippad Huda Hospitals in Alappuzha district. The People's Foundation will assist these hospitals to provide all the necessary facilities including bed, room / ward facilities, oxygen and ventilators. The project will be implemented in collaboration with government agencies, Doctors, paramedical staff and the volunteer services of Ethical Medical Forum (EMF) and the Ideal Relief Wing (IRW) will also be made available. Funds for the project will be raised from the public. The People's Foundation has been active in the Covid-19 defence campaign for over a year. The help desk of Peoples Foundation was active during the crisis with full volunteer support for cremation, burial, ambulance, medicine delivery, food kits etc. The Help desks also provided counselling facilities to many patients who were mentally depressed and the services of doctors and specialists for those suffering from other illness.  The Rehabilitation Project for the Expatriate Families who died of covid 19, which was launched at the end of last year is in its final stages.  We are glad to express our thanks to Allah and the generous public who helped us for the success of the project and as a result we had  spent Rs 2.36 crore  for 63 families. Rehabilitation schemes included housing for the families of poor expatriates, scholarships for the children of deceased expatriates, self-employment scheme for one of the eligible family members and land for landless expat families. The foundation was able to deliver food to 1.5 million people during the lockdown during the first wave of covid. Covid 19 Awareness Programs, Distribution of Mask, Manufacturing Units of PPE Kits for Government Medical Colleges, Health Centers - Sanitation of Panchayat Building, Distribution of Immunity Medicine, Online Counselling, Distribution of Clothing to Camp Members, Travel Facilities for Returned Malayalees from Other States etc. are the major activities of Peoples Foundation during the pandemic.  It also provided food supplies to the community kitchen and helpdesk services for workers from other states.. Whether it is flood or pandemic, the people of Kerala and the expatriates’ community have extended their wholehearted support to the projects of the People's Foundation whenever we approach them. During this period pandemic and when the state is facing a very serious situation, we request the people of Kerala and the expatriates to extend their wholehearted support once again so as to make this initiative of the People's Foundation a great success.

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