Community Empowerment

Considering the overall situation of Kerala, the general perception is that the state is devoid of major problems, poverty or backwardness. But, our experience portrays another picture with many backward and marginalized areas, where people live in utter poverty and neglect. Especially there are many places in Kerala like those residing in the coastal belt, slum areas in cities, people living and working in plantations in hilly areas, people living in small huts constructed on wasteland, railway colonies, Laksham Veedu colonies and the displaced and project affected people. People living in these areas are deprived of basic living amenities, regular employment, safe shelters, hygiene surroundings and educational progress. To overcome the many years of deprivation and the generations pushed backwards due to the unsocial environment, People’s Foundation has devised projects for socio-economic upliftment of such areas. The Foundation is planning long term plans focusing on selected backward areas in Kerala. In the first stage of the project, work has already begun in Vallayil, a coastal area in the backyard of Kozhikode city and Pozhuthana in Wayanad district. Community Activity Centers have started functioning to fulfill various requirements of people of these areas. People’s Foundation aims to initiate projects in 300 selected backward areas in Kerala as part of Community Empowerment Project.

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