Counselling Centre

The standard of mental health in Kerala is lately turning into a field which requires immediate medical attention and treatment. Married lives are coming crumbling down within days of marriage, vast number of divorce cases, families which can’t stick together, increasing enmity between parents and children, teenagers losing footing on the slippery slope of moral decay, disease of suspicion, child abuse, children facing several learning disorders – the list is endless! There is a need for a scientific support system to provide assistance and guidance when we get stuck in our own dilemmas. People’s Foundation has already launched ‘Aashwaas’ – counselling centers with all facilities. The centers will provide services like pre and post marital counselling, family counselling, counselling for teenagers, career guidance, educational guidance, dispute redressal forums and remedial measures for learning disorders among children. To resolve the issues of couples heading towards divorce and family disputes, People’s Foundation will also start residential counselling centers.

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