De-adiiction Hospital

Alcoholism and drugs are two major social scourges, Kerala is facing today. De-addiction Hospital is a noble endeavor of People’s Foundation to save those victims from the clutches of addiction and bring them closer to lives. The 21-day camps conducted by Ideal Relief Wing, the disaster management wing and an affiliate of People’s Foundation, in various parts of the state have produced good results in De-addiction treatment. The camps have succeeded in saving many lives and families from the edge of catastrophe. As the next level to the existing setup, and as a social need, Peoples Foundation plans to start a De-addiction Hospital with more amenities and facilities. The Peoples Foundation has envisaged and developed a unique treatment method that employs modern treatment, imbibing spiritual practices, various therapies, group works and games focusing more on mental and physical contentment, skill development programmes, farming practices and livelihood training. The hospital will have services of regular doctors, nurses and supporting staff. In the initial stage, the immediate need is a 15000 sq ft facility on a 5-acre land for the project to take off. Primary De-addiction Centers will be opened for primary treatment as well as counselling in different districts.

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