Our society needs to specially consider and provide care and support to those paraplegic patients permanently bed-ridden due to spinal cord injury. Paraplegic patients are those ill-fated persons who cannot even perform basic chores without the help of others and remains isolated from the society. Though, they remain mentally and physically withdrawn, People’s Foundation has devised projects to engage with them and connect them to the outside world and involve them in the various social activities by creatively utilizing their skills and talents.

People’s Foundation is devising various plans for the paraplegic patients and their families – physical, mental and social rehabilitation of paraplegic patients, ¬†forming collectives of such patients and create platforms for get-togethers and communicating with each other, fulfilling the basic requirements of the families of the patient, providing guidance to avail the benefits and assistance for the patients and their families from governmental and non-governmental agencies, devising sustainable schemes for educational, health and livelihood needs of the families and arranging the medical apparatus and equipments for the patient.

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