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People’s Home, which has created a revolution in the history of social service in Kerala, is an exemplary model of participatory development project. House construction is one sector in which every common man gets trapped in debt. To fulfill the dream of a poor man to own a shelter, financial as well as human resources from various quarters are essentially required. The project is implemented with the support of various social service initiatives, zakat initiatives, and other sources of funding with pooling of human resources from the community, youth and students.


Land + Shelter

Under this scheme, land with shelter is provided for extremely poor family, who are landless. The shelters are constructed on the land donated by well-wishers. Three factors – availability of land, position of land and no. of beneficiaries are considered while implementing this project. In big cities, flats and housing colonies are constructed.  After a certain period, the land and house registration/ownership are transferred to the beneficiaries.


People’s Home

People’s Home is a shelter construction scheme under which shelters are provided as a basic need to poor families, widows, orphans, those who sold their homestead for treatment of chronic illness, those trapped in debt, non-residents returning empty-handed and many of those sufferers from different spheres of life. Under this scheme, two types of shelters are constructed – Shelter costing Rs 5,50,000/- measuring 500 sf ft and shelters costing Rs 3.5 lakhs measuring 300 sq ft. Peoples Foundation bears 70% of the cost of construction.


Renovation of Backward Colonies

In the margins of the city lies many slums and colonies, which urgently requires renovation. Schemes will be devised to carry out the work with the support of government schemes as well as CSR.


Completion of Shelter Construction

Financial assistance will be provided to complete the construction work of shelters of those poor families reeling under stress who couldn’t complete the work due to lack of fund. Assistance for repairing dilapidated shelters of poor families will be also undertaken.


The model of shelter constructed by Peoples Foundation

 Our lives become meaningful and successful when we realize our role in giving a peaceful stay to these souls on earth.

By replacing the shanties made of sacks with peaceful homes, we perform our duties.

Spreading a smile… a radiance of hope… prayers that flow from heart…

The strength that we gain are from the great deed that takes us up to heaven…

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