People’s Home

Kerala’s Popular Shelter Scheme An Abode of Love for Those with Sky as Roof

There are many among us without a roof over their heads. They live amidst us in a hapless state ravaged by the elements of nature. Yes, People’s Home is an abode of hope and gift of love for such miserable! In Kerala, according to reports, there are more than seven lakhs homeless and three lakh landless people. How can we sleep in peace in our beautiful and magnificent homes, when hundreds of thousands of these people spend their lives in shacks and shanties in the margins of our cities, poverty-infested coastal areas and congested and unhygienic colonies?

People’s Home is a magnificent scheme from Peoples Foundation to provide shelter to such deserving 1500 families. Its time and again proved that this unachievable dream can become an achievable target when we come together and work together. Our lives become meaningful and successful when we realize our role in giving a peaceful stay to these souls on this earth. By replacing the shanties made of torn jute sacks with peaceful homes, we are just performing our duties. We are sure that you will be a part of this project. Because, it’s a duty enjoined on us by the Almighty.

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