PROJECTS 2016-2019

People’s Foundation is a social service initiative launched with the intent of bringing constructive transformation in Kerala society. With the pleasure of God and human values as its guiding principles, the Foundation aims for effective partnership in social progress. The Foundation plans to formulate appropriate projects for sustainable development by empowering individuals and the society to utilize opportunities, expertise and skills.

People’s Foundation aims to initiate multifaceted projects like shelter construction, higher education scholarships, employment skills training, self employment projects, medical assistance, DE-addiction hospital, medical aid center, counselling center, blood donation forum, public service guidance center, community empowerment project, drinking water project, medical care units for spinal cord injury patients, pain and palliative units, social workers development program, micro finance, disaster management, Buds school, Neethi Medical Stores and Social Work Bulletin.

People’s Foundation firmly believes that attainment of these projects will be instrumental in uplifting a larger section of the deprived and marginalized segment of Kerala society from its current downtrodden status. People’s Foundation appeals all philanthropists and well-wishers of humanity to join hands in this noble endeavor and help realize the dream.

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