Kalpatta: The third phase of Rehabilitation project under People’s Foundation was inaugurated By KB Naseema, Panchayat President, Kalpetta, reminding that social commitment is part of faith. A true believer cannot help empathizing with the woes of the people and wiping others’ tears for his furtherance in life and the Prophet’s quote ‘He is not a believer who fills his belly while his neighbour starves’ is now a lot more relevant than before, she stressed.

Sanitha Jagadeesh, Municipal Chairperson, Kalpatta inaugurated self-employment scheme for the job losers over flood besides serving them with occupational tools. The people whose houses were damaged partially were assisted with financial aid on the basis of the general survey. It was announced that the project of constructing new houses for the ones who lost would be launched soon, centering at the regions of Panamarm and Manandavadi.  

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