People's Info is a social initiative launched by People's Foundation with the aim of providing timely access to accurate and reliable information. The initiative recognizes that access to accurate information is vital for effective decision-making in all aspects of human life. Through People's Info, the Foundation is committed to providing the latest and most comprehensive information about health and education, employment opportunities, and social welfare schemes. The initiative strives to provide information that empowers individuals and enables them to make informed decisions about their lives. By facilitating access to information, People's Info seeks to contribute to the overall wellbeing and development of marginalized communities in Kerala.


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Education as a Catalyst: People's Foundation's Inspiring Impact

Breaking barriers and creating opportunities, People's Foundation's relentless efforts in the education sector have sparked a wave of hope and transformation across Kerala. Through their flagship program, People's Info, the foundation has shattered cycles of poverty by providing educational support, scholarships, and ground-breaking fellowships. With over 22,000 educational support kits distributed, 1283+ scholarships awarded, and the innovative People's Fellowship program, People's Foundation is nurturing the leaders of tomorrow, paving the way for a brighter and more promising India.



With a focus on providing opportunities to deserving students from underprivileged communities, the People's Fellowship project is a key initiative of the People's Foundation that provides intensive training and scholarships to help them secure admissions in top institutes and high-ranking government jobs.


The scholarships offered by People's Foundation help to bridge the gap and empower students to reach their full potential, regardless of their financial constraints.


With the People's Health project, People's Foundation ensures that reliable information on government and non-government healthcare schemes is accessible to marginalized and underprivileged individuals. The project also provides guidance and counselling on medical conditions, procedures, and treatment, through a network of qualified medical professionals


The Edu Support project by People's Foundation recognizes the importance of education and strives to ensure that students from marginalized communities have access to essential educational supplies that are crucial to their academic success.

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People’s Fellowship

Unlocking the power of education for all. People's Fellowship, a flagship initiative under the People's Info project, is a prestigious fellowship program that empowers students from backward communities and minorities to achieve their educational aspirations. Through a rigorous selection process, meritorious candidates receive comprehensive support including guidance, financial assistance, and training to pursue their studies and realize their dreams of a fulfilling career. Together, we are breaking barriers and building a brighter future for talented individuals in our society."