People's Village project is an initiative by People's Foundation to provide shelter for the landless who have lost their resources in calamities or have no resources to build a shelter for themselves. With over 1425 beneficiaries living in more than 285 houses across 35 villages in Kerala, the project has a significant impact in providing a decent living space for those in need.








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Rekindling Hope: Rajan's Inspiring Tale of Rebuilding with People's Village

In the face of adversity, Rajan and his family found solace and a new beginning through the remarkable initiative of People's Village. After losing everything in the devastating Kerala flood and landslide, they were embraced by the compassionate arms of People's Foundation. With unwavering dedication, People's Village provided them with not just a shelter, but a symbol of hope and community. Witness the inspiring journey of resilience and transformation as People's Village rebuilds lives and creates a haven for those in need. Join us in celebrating the incredible impact of People's Village, where 25 families in Panamaram alone have found new beginnings and brighter futures.

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